Frequently Asked Questions For Buckley Landing

What happens when my family member runs out of resources?

Buckley Landing is also licensed as an Assisted Living program. This is a Medicaid reimbursed program, however, an individual must physically and financially qualify.

Do you provide transportation to medical appointments?

We have onsite case management services to assist with scheduling transportation with preferred company of choice.

What type of activity programing is available?

We provide onsite activity programs, as well as community outings. All residents and have families have access to monthly activity calendars.

Is someone in the building at all times?

Yes, there is available staff 24/7, with an RN on-call for emergencies.

Do you accept pets to live there?

Pets are encouraged to visit, however, are unable to reside at the facility.

Is my loved one able to leave the facility?

Yes, we encourage residents to remain active with family and friends. They are allowed to leave, however, we ask that staff is notified prior to leaving.

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