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Enclosed outdoor patio with The Galleria wrapping around the patio, providing big windows for residents to enjoy during all seasons

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Combining the Conveniences and Luxury of The Nottingham— While Meeting the Specific Needs of Those with Dementia

Located on The Nottingham Campus, The Borer Memory Life Community is a state-of-the-art assisted living facility designed specifically for those with dementia, fully-equipped to meet the urgent needs of this growing population deserving specialized care.

The design of this 22-apartment community includes two couples’ suites and takes into consideration the unique needs of residents with dementia, such as a welcoming neighborhood concept and open spaces to give residents a sense of freedom in a safe environment. Uniquely connected to the rest of The Nottingham Community, it makes it easy for those who might reside in other areas of the campus to stay connected to their loved one, while they remain in a safe, secure environment.

  • Optimized natural light, softer lighting, audio systems that play soothing music to guide relaxation, a scent system to address sensory needs, and interactive gaming systems to stimulate the mind.
  • Neighborhood concept and safe wandering areas to give residents a sense of freedom, as well as flooring marked with cues and signs.
  • Two-Story Interior Garden: Elevated ceiling and additional windows increase natural light. Benefits of gardening include pain reduction, lower stress, self-regulation of agitation, fewer medications and reduced falls.
  • And the Memory Life Community is also uniquely connected to the rest of Loretto’s residential community, making it easy for those who might reside in other areas of the campus to stay connected to their loved one – including suites that will accommodate couples.


It’s not just about meeting today’s needs, but looking ahead and anticipating the needs of the future. With highly trained staff, innovative treatments, and a commitment to the future for comprehensive memory care, Loretto is stepping forward as the premier center of excellence in our region.

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The Borer Family

$100,000 – $500,000 Donors

  • Philip & Patricia Church
  • Dr. & Mrs. W. A. Billingham
  • W.J., Paul & John Drescher
  • Monsignor Charles Fahey
  • Fust, Charles Chambers LLP
  • IBEW Local 43 & NECA
  • Finger Lakes NY
  • The Loretto Foundation
  • The Anna Mahan Foundation
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Nancy Muserlian
  • Renzi Foodservice
  • The Slutzker Family Foundation
  • Sysco Syracuse

$10,000 – $50,000 Donors

  • American Food & Vending
  • Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
  • Brown & Brown Empire State
  • The Reverend Donald & Dr. Virginia Byers
  • Byrne, Costello & Pickard, PC
  • Father R. Daniel DeLorme
  • Mrs. Barbara Kimm
  • Mr. Ernest “Ken” Leins
  • OneGroup
  • Parsons-McKenna Construction
  • Co., Inc.
  • Mr. Paul M. Predmore
  • Mr. & Mrs. David & Nancy Ridings
  • Special Care Systems, LLC
  • Dr. Kimberly Townsend
  • Rev. Monsignor Robert Yeazel

$1,000 – $5,000 Donors

  • Mrs. Cora Alsante & Mr. Joe Chirco
  • ArchCare
  • Ms. Catherine Benardete
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Danielle Cima
  • The Clancy-Magley Family
  • Mr. & Mrs. John & Alexandra Condon
  • Ms. Sherly Day-Bernthal
  • Ms. Janet Everly
  • George Development Group, LLC
  • Gilbane Construction
  • Mrs. Jennifer Ingerson
  • Mr. Philip Kessler
  • Mr. Jeff Knauss
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Eleanor Kolovrat
  • Mrs. Mary Maresco
  • The McCabe Family
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Vicki O’Neill
  • Mr. Hans-Peter Pecher
  • Petrone & Petrone, P.C.
  • Attorneys at Law
  • Ray Living Trust
  • Mrs. Julie L. Sheedy
  • Monsignor George Sheehan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Rachel Smorol
  • Mr. & Mrs. David & Mary Snyder
  • SRC, Inc.
  • Ms. Nancy L. Testani
  • Mr. Michael Zandri

Patron Donors

  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Penny Abulenia
  • Mr. & Mrs. Holmes & Sarah Bailey
  • Ms. Margaret Bailey
  • Ms. Deborah Baird
  • BellCornerstone
  • Mr. & Mrs. Neil & Devra Berkowitz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Cindy Bird
  • Mr. C. Alan Bouley
  • Mr. J. B. Bradbury
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Donna Brooks
  • Ms. Joan Casey
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael &
  • Linda Chapman
  • Ms. Eileen Clinton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Kathie Collier
  • Ms. Tara Colvin
  • Ms. Michele Cuddy
  • Ms. Maryann Demasi
  • Ms. Angela Dicaprio
  • Mr. Patrick Dooher
  • Ms. Lois Dziedzic
  • Mr. Kyle Edkin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Darrin & Kim Emperato
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  • Four Seasons Garden Club
  • Ms. Angela Franco
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  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Carolyn Frymoyer
  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Lynne Fulton
  • Ms. Alda Gamberoni
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  • Hoffmann Search, LLC
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Patricia Hoke
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  • Mr. Louis Iauco
  • Fr. Joseph F. Kehoe
  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Diane LaRue
  • Ms. Lillian Levy
  • Ms. Mary Ann Mallery
  • Ms. Susan Mallette
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  • Mr. Jack Mannion
  • Ms. Ruth Morris
  • Ms. Michelle Mundy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Catherine O’Donnell
  • Mr. Patrick O’Donovan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Marie Paulino
  • Mr. David Phelps
  • Mr. Matt Rakoff
  • Mr. Michael P. Ringwood
  • Ms. Joanne Romano
  • Ms. Elaine Sall
  • Ms. Ginger Sheffey
  • Ms. Lisa Sonneborn
  • Ms. Kelly Stroh
  • Mr. Paul Tremont
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Kim Vespi
  • Wag’In Tail Dog Grooming
  • Ms. Helene Wallace
  • Ms. Gretchen Whalen
  • Mrs. Kathy Wiese
  • Ms. Mary Anne Win­ eld
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Mary Ann Zimmerman
  • Mr. Richard Zweifel

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Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and in the coming years, the number of individuals needing care in our community will increase at a dramatic rate.

Today, Loretto is the ONLY provider in our community who can meet the varied needs of people with this disease, from early-onset to late-stage dementia, across all our programs. But with limited capacity across all memory care facilities there is very little living accommodations available to help those with memory loss. That’s why we launched our RememberMe Capital Campaign to help elevate this burden through renovations to our current communities, building new communities, key research partnerships and training – all to support memory care patients, family members, caregivers, partners such as the Alzheimer’s Association, and finding a cure.

Though our Capital Campaign has come to an end you can still help us make a difference by being a memory maker and donating to our new memory care campaign to continue fighting again this awful disease. Help us in this fight so that we can continue making a difference in memory care.

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