Loretto Culture Advisory Committee

Interest and Participation Form

What is the Cultural Advisory Committee?

The role of this committee is to partner with and advise Loretto on ways we can improve our overall company culture by making positive changes that embrace collective ideas and traditions, to create a more inclusive workplace where people feel valued, respected, and have a deep sense of belonging.

Members bring the collective voice of their peers to the table to represent what’s most important to our Loretto family. They will also listen to feedback from employee focus groups and then work together to prioritize the best ideas that will be most meaningful to all. Representatives also serve as a sounding board as new ideas or issues arise that could improve or impact our environment.

Applicant Criteria:

Members will lead by example and uphold Loretto's Mission, Vision, and Values.

  • Must be in good standing
  • Must have been with Loretto for at least one year
  • Willing to actively participate
  • Willing to engage with fellow employees to solicit feedback


If completing a paper form, please return your completed forms to HR or to your facility administrator by April 15. 

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