Employee Giving Campaign 2024

Employee Giving Photo 4

Every contribution received for the Employee Giving Campaign goes directly towards supporting YOU and our residents through our employee and resident programs!

The Loretto Foundation supports:

Loretto Free Diaper Program                               Workforce Development

WeCare Emergency Hardship Fund              Investments in Memory Care

Resident Programs and Activities

Your generosity helps create a more vibrant workplace!

See below for easy ways to give!

Thank you  to the following Loretto team members who have already given to our campaign! Let's keep it going to make this a success!

Dr. Kimberly Townsend      Kara Gemmell             Mackenzie Keenan        Julie Sheedy                Kathleen White          Orion Roeder               Melissa Burton

Andrea Canale                         Natasha Glynn            Sharon Nugent                Matthew Snell           Taylor Jones                   Erica Farruggio           Cynthia Randomsky

Wyatt Chartrand                   Jennifer Ingerson      Kristen Penfield              John Stebbins             Diana Wolgemuth     Cynthia Korec              Cynthia Liu-Chen

Yancey Thomas, Sr.               Mary Wassel                Alysa Watson                   Tom Falco                      MaryJoBailey               Melissa Radcliffe        Ryan Jones

Brett Martino                          John Murray                 Lisa Specioso                    Angela Runions         Christina Palladion    Shannon VanSlyke    Deanna Moosbrugger

Holly Hoehner                        Katherine Bulla           Tawanna Harper             Kim Kenyon                 Elena Regin                    Stephanie Button

Carlita Adamy                         Bridget Cleeton          Joanne Garcia                  Karen Bockus             Sheila Oliver                  Tania Tanjani

Gloria Henderson                 Richard Mills                 Bahati Ekanga                 Carmen Houde          Rebecca Brown            John Carbonaro

Kimberly Bradway               Kelly Parker                   John Medina                     Debbie Shank             Susan Carhart               Joniece Cage

Call the Loretto Foundation directly at 315-413-3482
Check can be addressed to: The Loretto Foundation. Bring to the Marketing/Foundation Office on the 1st Floor of the Cunningham Building OR mail to: The Loretto Foundation, 700 E. Brighton Ave., Syracuse, NY 13205