PACE CNY is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! That is 25 years of thought leadership, shaping how we see senior care, and making aging in place possible in the Central New York community.


"I’ve been working for Loretto’s PACE CNY (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) as the Director of Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Therapy, for 14 years!  Empowering participants and their caregivers,  by using recreation and leisure to meet their individual treatment goals, and having fun in the process, is my jam! Whether it is in the day center or in their independent living situation, TR/RT is there to provide functional improvement, leisure education, and leisure counseling!”

- Orion Roeder, Director of Recreation at PACE CNY

“Reflecting on our silver anniversary, it is overwhelming to think that it started with a simple vision to provide high-quality care in our community to older people with long-term care needs, that’s now grown to be one of the most successful PACE programs in the country. We vowed to help individuals age-in-place, in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible, and to be a resource to families of those caring for individuals who needed specialized levels of care. Looking ahead, we understand the important role community-based programs like PACE CNY will play in the future of long-term care"

- Stephanie Button, Vice President of PACE CNY

PACE CNY operates as a true team in ways that I have not experienced in other settings. It attracts staff who are passionate about providing the best care to our participants because it enables us to obtain and employ a variety of tools to build a safe and effective care plan. The PACE model opens doors to certain services that are unavailable to people in many other settings. The end result is witnessing participants and families that finally have the resources they need to stay healthy and happy at home up to and including a peaceful and dignified passing. PACE CNY exemplifies compassionate care for the elderly."

- Michael Ritter, Director of Rehabilitation at PACE CNY

PACE manages its participants as people, not as a collection of problems.  This is the way medicine should be practiced."

- Dr. David Heisig, Medical Director at PACE CNY

For the past 25 years, our AMAZING staff have provided exceptional care to the participants we serve.  This program offers a valuable resource for our seniors, allowing them to age in place in their homes, caring for all of their needs which includes social, medical, transportation, spiritual, etc.  I am very proud to have the privilege of working for PACE CNY and be a part of this team."

- Lisa Specioso, Manager, Office Administration at PACE CNY

Setting the PACE for 25 Years!


PACE CNY provides a blueprint for the future of eldercare, where an interdisciplinary team approach to senior care can  improve quality of life for older adults in a cost effective manner. It implements cutting edge technology from audio-visual upgrades to allow participants with low vision or hearing loss to engage in group programming to UV light therapy.


PACE CNY has been a longstanding leader in home care in Central New York for 25 years. It has been providing services since 1997. It is one of only 1 of 151 PACE programs in 32 states and the District of Columbia.


PACE CNY has brought joy, wellness, and care to over 2900 participants. With PACE CNY, your loved one can age in place in the comfort of the home they love.

Interested in being a part of an organization that has been setting the PACE for 25 years?

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