Many people enjoy gardening as a leisurely activity in the Spring and Summertime. It is a relaxing way to spend time in the sun and grow beautiful flowers and fresh produce to enjoy. But many people don’t realize that gardening has many benefits for older adults and their well-being. You can soak up the sun while gardening and improve your health while you’re at it!

Here are five benefits of putting that green thumb to work!

  1. Gardening can improve your mental health: Many of us, including older adults, may struggle with stress or sadness, but gardening can help to alleviate those feelings. Gardening is a peaceful activity that allows you to focus your attention on what you are doing rather than the negative feelings you may be experiencing. Growing a plant and keeping it alive can also be a serious self-confidence booster!
  2. Gardening is a form of exercise: Many older adults may find it challenging to find the time or energy to get up and move, but gardening can help. By planting and caring for your crops, you can get some light exercise, improve your dexterity, and strengthen your muscles.
  3. Gardening is good for your brain: Did you know that gardening can improve your brain function. By flexing your green thumb, you can enhance your cognitive function. Studies show that gardening is also beneficial for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. At The Borer Memory Life Community, residents often enjoy tending to the community garden right in our backyard.
  4. Gardening is a great way to socialize: From clubs to sharing your fresh fruits and vegetables with friends, gardening is the perfect way to meet like-minded seniors, spend time with others, and make new friends!
  5. Gardening evokes happy memories: From the smell of the flowers to the sun shining down on you to the feel of the soil, gardening is a sensory activity. Activities that engage our senses are known to bring up happy memories from our lives. This is not only beneficial for improving overall mental health, but it can be a great form of therapy for people who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.


Gardening is one way to help seniors stay happy and healthy. At all of Loretto’s communities, we offer various recreational programs and activities to keep our residents active and engaged. Are you interested in learning more about the Loretto difference? Learn more here:



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