Assisted living is a long-term care option that can support your elderly loved one with personal care and daily activities. Assisted living programs provide help with things like bathing, dressing, and medication management, and provide meals for those who can no longer cook for themselves. These programs provide a better quality of life for individuals who can no longer live on their own.


Despite all the positives that come with entering assisted living, leaving the familiarity of your own home and the fear of losing independence can sometimes make the decision to choose this type of care difficult. There are plenty of myths that surround long-term care that can also have a negative effect on your decision-making process. Below, we debunk the most common myths so you can discover the truth and learn more about the benefits of assisted living.


Myth 1: You’ll lose your privacy

Truth: Going into assisted living doesn’t mean you give up your privacy. A good quality facility will ensure that your loved one’s need for privacy is met. Many offer private rooms or apartments so your loved one can find the living situation they feel most comfortable with.


Myth 2: You’ll lose your independence

Truth: The point of an assisted living facility is to promote as much independence as possible, while creating a safe environment for your loved one. These facilities are designed with the elderly in mind, giving them the freedom to go about their daily routines to the best of their ability, while providing personal care when needed. A good facility will even provide occupational and physical therapists to help preserve that independence and increase the well-being of your loved one.


Myth 3: You won’t be able to enjoy your favorite hobbies anymore

Truth: Activities and hobbies are encouraged in assisted living facilities to promote happiness and an overall better quality of life. Your loved one may even find a new hobby or favorite activity, thanks to activity directors on site who plan events and special trips. There are plenty of opportunities for socialization and things to do in assisted living facilities.


Myth 4: The food will be terrible

Truth: Many assume that since they’ll no longer be able to cook their own food at home, the quality of the food they’ll be eating will decrease—but this won’t be the case at a good assisted living facility. Nutritionists and dining teams ensure that the food your loved one eats will be full of both variety and the nutrients they need to help maintain their health. These facilities will provide three meals a day, and will provide reminders and escorts to meal times so your loved one won’t forget to eat.


Myth 5: Staying at home is less expensive

Truth: While assisted living comes with its own expenses, living at home can be more expensive in many cases. Even if your loved one has paid off their mortgage, maintaining a home isn’t cheap, and homeowner taxes, utility bills, and the cost of home insurance can quickly add up. If your loved one can’t get the care they need in their own home, these extra costs only add to the overall stress of the situation. In an assisted living facility, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and getting the care they need.


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