Though the first day of spring was officially on March 20th, now that we’ve hit April it’s starting to feel like spring has finally arrived. Winters in Central New York always seem to feel long, and this year’s was no exception. The weather is warming and the sun is starting to shine once again, which is the perfect excuse to get your elderly loved one outside. Fresh air can do everyone some good, improving moods and providing opportunities to get more active. If you’re looking for spring activities to do with your loved one, our list of ideas below is sure to inspire you.


1.     Get Active

There are plenty of ways to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air. Take your loved one out for a walk, and choose a path with interesting scenery or one that’s surrounded by nature. If walking longer distances isn’t an option, seek out wheel chair friendly paths. Even getting out of the house in the fresh air is great for shaking off those winter blues. If your senior is more mobile, gentle outdoor yoga or bicycling are great low impact activities that encourage movement and all around well-being.


2.     Go Al Fresco

In other words, enjoy a meal outside in the fresh air! This could be as simple as sitting outside on your deck or porch while eating a meal, or you could create a whole afternoon outing and go on a picnic. Have your loved one choose a favorite spot, or pick a place together that you’ve never been for your picnic destination.


3.     Start Gardening

Not only can gardening be an enjoyable activity, it’s also a great way for seniors to stay active as they plant, water and weed. If a full garden is too much work, that doesn’t mean your loved one can’t enjoy this hobby! The trick is to downsize. Have them grow a small herb garden instead—which can also thrive indoors. Indoor gardening kits are a great option for those who aren’t as mobile, and will bring a little bit of the outside in.


4.     Practice Bird Watching

If your loved one is looking for another way to connect with nature, bird watching is a great option that is both peaceful and rewarding. Grab a pair of binoculars and a bird identification book and see how many species you can both identify. If you have room, set up a couple of bird feeders in your backyard with a bench nearby to create the perfect spot for bird watching. Alternatively, for an outing away from home, go visit a nearby a park or nature preserve.


5.     Participate in Outdoor Events

As the weather gets warmer, outdoor events become more popular. Take a stroll together through the local farmers market, or keep an eye out for free music events or craft fairs. If your loved one is more active, walkathons are another good way to get outside, get active, and give back to a great cause.


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