Summer is coming to a close in CNY. Although longer days and green scenery might be slowly fading, there is still time to enjoy the outdoors to postpone those looming winter blues. Outdoor activities are sometimes hard to plan with your elderly loved ones due to immobility, medicine restrictions, and limited energy. But, getting your loved one out and about during these fading summer days is extremely important because it can help improve brain health.



Gardening is a great outdoor activity for seniors to participate in as it can be adapted to different levels of physical activity. Even individuals who rely on wheelchairs to get around can benefit from gardening with the help of raised garden beds!AARP does a great job outlining all of the benefits of gardening, including decreased dementia risk, aerobic exercise, and increased socialization. Gardening provides a sense of accomplishment to someone who can no longer accomplish everyday tasks like driving, exercising or cooking.  This outdoor activity is also a great option because it is typically a low-cost activity that people of all ages can enjoy. So, grab the grandkids and get planting!



Swimming is one of the best exercises for seniors because it allows for exercise without stress on joints. This activity is a great way for your loved one to enjoy the summer sunshine while staying cool and relaxed. Swimming with seniors holds some risks so it’s important to be safe and careful at all times. This article by Homecare Assistance gives great tips on how to stay safe while swimming.


Local Events

With summertime comes festivals. CNY hosts multiple local events, fairs, and festivals nearly every weekend in the summer. These local events are the perfect opportunity to get your senior loved one out and about enjoying the company of others, helping to lower depression risks. Check out these activities for seniors at one of the most popular local events, the New York State Fair. This year, on August 26th – August 28th seniors will receive free admission!


Plan A Picnic

Grab some sandwiches, watermelon, lemonade and hit the park! A picnic is a great and easy way to enjoy a summer afternoon with an elderly loved one because it takes limited physical effort but allows for fresh air and socialization. Make sure to find a shady spot that’s easily accessible and check out these tips on how to keep your senior safe in the summer heat before you visit a local event.


Sometimes it can be hard to plan an outing with a senior in the summer. It’s important to plan out what types of activities will work best for YOUR loved one while considering things like mobility, stamina, and safety.


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