“Hey Erwin, can you fix this?”

Meet Erwin Williams, Support Service Manager for Sedgwick Heights, a Loretto Assisted Living Facility on James Street in Syracuse. Erwin is known as a fixer and is happy to oblige whenever he hears this question.

“I love helping people and solving problems. This job is a good fit for me, and I have the experience to do it well.”

Erwin began his career in property management at Mike Barney Management Group, a full-service property management company in East Syracuse. During that time, he developed a network of vendor relationships who continue to help him today at Loretto.

“As a property manager, I am responsible for keeping a building working and up to code—everything from HVAC systems to electrical and plumbing—and I take my job very seriously. If I can’t fix it, I know someone who can.”

Before coming to Loretto, Erwin was the Chief of Maintenance at The Marriott in Syracuse, which is known for hosting major events like The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Party and the New York State Firefighter’s Convention, where thousands of people descend upon The Marriott to have a good time.

“My position at The Marriott was intense because my team was responsible for producing major events and the day-to-day maintenance requests for the hotel, and we managed the maintenance of the restaurants and other businesses in the building so if a restaurant had an oven or chiller issue, I had to find a solution. Thanks to my network, I always did. In fact, this morning I called one of my vendors to help with a heating issue in the kitchen. He’s on his way.”

So, what brought Erwin from the hustle and bustle of hotel life to working at an assisted living facility? He was ready for a change and wanted to work for a mission.

“I wanted a job with a purpose. My grandfather had dementia and passed at Loretto so I understand what it’s like for residents with dementia, and I appreciate a family’s perspective. I take care of bigger things behind the scenes so they don’t have to worry about anything.”

Now, instead of helping hotel guests and restaurant managers, Erwin is focused on improving the lives of residents by making positive changes in the building. He knows even the smallest requests can be a big deal to someone.

“A resident asked me the other day if I could get him a new air freshener scent. I told him it’s no problem. It’s the little things that can help. I know I am making a difference here and am thankful for the opportunity.”

And his good work is not going unnoticed by his co-workers and Loretto Administrators. “Sedgwick Heights is better, safer, and cleaner because of Erwin Williams,” says Sedgwick Heights administrator Kim Bradway. “His experience in the hospitality industry has given new life to our building as he uses his unique perspective to create a better living environment for our residents. He is a true asset to Loretto, and we are so thankful to have him on our team

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