With the Holidays in full swing, now is the perfect time to spend some time with your loved one in assisted living. Visiting residents living in an assisted home, not just during the holidays but all year long, is so important. Quality time spent with an elderly loved one can help them fight loneliness, isolation, a declining memory, and make both of your holidays a little brighter.

We understand that coming up with activities to do that can be enjoyed by everyone can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your elder loved one has limited mobility. We’ve come up with activities that the whole family can enjoy, especially your loved one residing in assisted living.


Holiday Lights

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with some holiday lights?  Driving around to check out various light displays can be an easy way to take your loved one out for the night without having the stress of moving around too much. Make sure to plan out your route beforehand and create a general roadmap as to where you are going to ensure the plans go smoothly. The Original Christmas Lights Finder is a great resource to find the best spots to see amazing Christmas lights near you!


Bake Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is a classic holiday tradition that can double as a fun activity for the whole family.  Perhaps use an old family recipe to dig up happy memories. If your elder loved one is unable to move around the kitchen, pre-baking cookies and planning to decorate together can be an easy solution.


Holiday movies

Watching holiday movies is one of the most effortless ways to celebrate the season.  Depending on the assisted living facility you plan on visiting, you might have access to streaming services that have holiday movies at the click of a button or a selection of movies to choose from.  Pick out a Christmas classic, bring hot cocoa, a cozy blanket, and enjoy!


Holiday Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are an easy way to spend time with your loved one. You can choose easy projects and get the whole family involved. This blog by SeniorAdvisor.com is a great resource for holiday arts and crafts ideas that are inexpensive, festive, and fun.


The best gift you can give this holiday season is your time. Plan an activity and spend some time with the people that matter most!


If you’re concerned that your loved one may need additional care, Loretto can help! We offer caregiver support, as well as long-term care. Loretto is proud to offer 19 specialized programs and facilities with over 2,500 dedicated caregivers, providing a system of care that addresses the unique needs of every individual. Contact us today to learn more!









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