Have you had a change in your health condition or are you struggling to manage daily medical needs on your own? A Medical Day Program might be right for you. Or, do you have a loved one at home but work and need help during the day? Between a job, family responsibilities, and the little challenges life can throw at all of us, the additional stress that comes with providing that care can often become too much to handle. There are options, especially if you need help during the day, but want to remain home at night.


Adult Day Care services can help both caregivers and adults, supporting daily medical needs, while allowing them to stay in a home they’re familiar with, and giving them an outlet to get out and socialize, get nutritious meals, and take part in activities and events. Below, we cover the different types of Adult Day Care Services as well as the benefits they provide to adults and their caregivers.


Types of Day Care Services

Adult day care services provide supplemental support to adults who need care and supervision throughout the day. All medical programs offer these services to any adult 21 years or older who need assistance, while social programs are geared more towards the needs of seniors, especially those with cognitive issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


There are two main types of Adult Day Care services: Social Day Programs and Medical Day Programs.


Social Day Programs

Social Day Programs offer structured activities, daily meals and the benefit of social interactions for older adults. All these things take place in a safe, supervised environment.


Medical Day Programs

Medical Day Programs—like Loretto’s Daybreak program—provide a more comprehensive day care program, assisting adults with medical conditions through a network of RNs, LPNs, Certified Nurse’s Aides, Registered Dieticians, Therapists, Case Managers and Recreation Staff. This includes transportation to and from the program and assistance with medical appointments as needed. All of this comes along with the structured activities, meals coordinated by a Registered Dietitian, and social interaction of a typical Social Day Program.


Benefits of enrolling in a medical day program

  • Improved overall health
  • Decreased hospitalization
  • Increased socialization and community connection
  • Respite for caregivers
  • Improved coordination of home services and medical appointments
  • Ability to continue to live independently
  • Increased mobility/decreased falls
  • Stabilization of chronic health conditions
  • Delaying progression of diseases


Depending on the level of care your loved one needs, and the chronic medical conditions they may have, a more comprehensive Medical Day Program may be the better choice.


Loretto’s Daybreak Adult Medical Day Program provides a safe and comfortable environment for participants, operating 6 days a week. Our program assists adults with medical conditions, providing physical, occupational and speech therapy, medication management, nutritional services, transportation services, recreational activities, and more. Our goal is to help adults 21 years and older to live as independently as possible, while receiving the care they need, and providing caregiver respite.


Learn more about our Medical Day Program here, or feel free to contact us! With over 19 specialized programs and facilities, we can help you find the programs and services that will best serve you or a loved one.

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