As a leader of comprehensive healthcare services in Central New York, Loretto actively invests in its employees, medical research, and new technologies to continue the mission of providing high quality care in the community. The TeliStat™ Restorative Care Unit (TRCU) at Loretto Health and Rehabilitation is just one way we’re utilizing new technologies to provide a higher quality of care to our patients.


Our TeliStat™ Restorative Care Unit is the first of its kind in Central New York. It is designed to help those recovering from major cardiac surgery, those with diagnoses requiring hemodynamics (in depth measurement of how the heart is functioning), and those who can benefit from telemonitoring. These patients can rehab more comfortably in a more home-like setting. This increases the chances of a quicker recovery time and results in reduced hospital readmissions.


What is a TeliStat™ Restorative Care Unit?

The TRCU concept was created by Dr. Anthony Bacchi, a doctor and healthcare leader dedicated to promoting innovation in the healthcare industry. It consists of a minimum of 18 beds in a designated section of a skilled nursing facility. Within this unit, telemedicine technology is used to track multiple health risks in real time via portable monitors. Residents in the program receive a portable Wi-Fi/cellular biometric monitor that registers real time data, and allows them access to physicians around the clock, day or night. The new TRCU at Loretto has 25 beds, and maintains a patient-to-RN ratio of 6-to-1, with additional support coming from Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).


How Can It Benefit Patients?

The combination of telemedicine technology and more personalized care greatly enhances rehabilitation services, allowing for faster recovery and reducing the risk of a patient being readmitted to the hospital.


  • A TRCU has a smaller RN to patient ratio for more personalized care.
  • Comfortable rooms create a home-like setting for recovery, until the resident is ready to return home.
  • Telemedicine technology allows for more in-depth care and monitoring. A patient’s diagnostics are tracked in real time, and they have access to a physician 24/7.
  • Better care means thorough recovery in less time, allowing rehabilitation to be completed at a lower cost.
  • A thorough recovery reduces the risk of rehospitalization and the associated costs.


In a traditional rehabilitation unit, more than 20% of Medicare patients discharged to a skilled nursing facility return to the hospital within 30 days. The level of care provided in a TRCU lowers this percentage. In the first prototype TRCU site opened by Bacchi in 2015, the readmission rate dropped to under 5 percent. By embracing this new technology at Loretto, we hope to continue the progress we’ve made to providing the best care possible to those in need.


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