Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time of year for the senior in your life, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things you can do to celebrate, even if you are far away. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating romantic couples, it is about celebrating all kinds of love. Whether you see your loved one once a week, or once a year, here are 5 things you can do to show them they are special.

Send your loved one a heartfelt card. This may seem like simple gesture, but sending a senior in your life a card to show that you are thinking of them can go a long way. Even if they are surrounded by friends where they are, nothing will beat hearing from you (and having something tangible to read whenever they need a reminder of how loved they truly are!)

Do something unexpected. Plan a surprise trip to visit your loved one, and if you can, bring them out to do something on Valentine’s Day. Check out a local bakery and enjoy some Valentine’s Day treats, take them to lunch at their favorite spot, or go see that movie they have been talking about for weeks. Calling this a “date” might make it even more fun, and you can ask them about their first date and see what kind of memories this sparks for them to share with you.

Bring old photo albums to them. If your loved one can’t go out and make memories, bring the memories to them. There is nothing like looking at old photos and reminiscing with the ones you love, and that may just be the perfect way to show what a special place the senior in your life has in your heart.

Put up decorations. Bring your loved one a colorful Valentine’s Day wreath, stickers, or even a photo of family or friends in a festive frame. This will help brighten up their room, and remind them of all the love that is present in their lives.

Put together a care package.Can’t get there for a visit before Valentine’s Day? Gather all of your loved one’s favorite things in a basket and send it in the mail. Bake their favorite cookies, send them photos, homemade gifts from family members, candies, and even decorations for them to hang around their room. Receiving a personalized package in the mail will make the senior in your life feel extra special, and very loved on a day that can feel so lonely.

It is so important to recognize family and friends on a day dedicated to love. Don’t forget about your senior loved one, show them how much you care by doing one of these thoughtful things for them (or all five!)

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