Julie Sheedy, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer at Loretto, talked with the Brooklyn-based Cardwell Beach marketing agency about the impact of COVID-19 on the senior care industry, the importance of clear communication during a crisis, why transparency and honesty is key in outreach, how consistency can streamline marketing efforts, and what marketing will look like in a post-COVID world.

Loretto implemented several communication channels immediately at the start of COVID-19 in March:

Daily calls (including weekends)
Launching a dedicated intranet
Increased use of emails, mass text, and social media with front-line staff
TV monitors displayed throughout all facilities reinforce messages
Our staff was also in communication with the families of Loretto’s residents and program participants almost daily – not just to keep them updated on the situation, but also to help keep them connected with their loved ones. This communication with family members was supplemented with letters and emails, as well as a dedicated website with a password-protected area for confidential information.

Loretto also worked closely with the news media, proactively sharing updates and responding to every inquiry we received from reporters.

Learn more about Loretto’s approach to communicating during COVID-19 by listening to the full podcast interview here:


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