People with Alzheimer’s often struggle with a sense of self or personal identity and decreased self-esteem. Despite their disease, residents can build confidence and improve their sense of self through recreational activities, a part of their therapeutic treatment.

This is why Loretto is committed to providing innovative memory care that reframes how we see and treat Alzheimer’s Disease. 

We recently held a fun photoshoot with residents at The Borer Memory Life Community, The Commons on St. Anthony’s Memory Care Unit and The Heritage Memory Life Community to help “reframe” how we look at memory care. Residents posed with selfie frames made to look like they were in a Polaroid picture. 

In addition to becoming the stars of the photo shoot that shows the many local faces of memory care, the residents also worked with recreation therapists to decorate picture frames with their photos inside and express who they are as individuals. 

Through this “reframing” activity, residents reminisced by looking through the selection of stickers and other decorations, recalling times they participated in different activities and further details about their lives.

From reminiscing about their beloved cats to playing golf, or their time spent on a sunny beach, they enjoyed showing their frames to the other residents and sharing stories.

This and many other activities at Loretto’s Memory Life Communities help residents socialize and engage their minds while helping to improve their overall mood and well-being.

On top of recreational activities, Loretto reframes memory care by treating residents as individuals, implementing cutting-edge technology, building resident-centric communities, and our commitment to continuous learning.

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