As you’ve been spending more time with family over the holidays, you may have noticed that a parent or elderly loved one doesn’t seem to be caring for themselves or their home as they used to. If you’re seeing a noticeable decline, it’s important to talk to your loved one to ensure they get the care they need, and they’re living the best quality of life possible. Talking to a family member or parent about entering assisted living is never easy, but there are tactics you can take to help the conversation go more smoothly for both of you. If you’re looking for tips on how to have this conversation, we’ve provided a helpful how-to below.


Approach the subject with empathy

Put yourself in the place of your parent or loved one and think of how you would feel in their situation (one day you likely will be). Doing so can help give you insight on how to approach the subject. Even if you’ve had a difficult relationship with them over the years, it’s important not to let past disagreements cloud your judgement, or affect the way you approach the conversation. Truly listen to your loved one, and clearly communicate why you think assisted living may be a good idea.


Include them in the decision

In other words, don’t make the decision for your loved one. This is a decision you must come to together. Discuss their options, and address their concerns. In turn, you should express your worries and concerns to justify your opinion, and help your loved one understand why you think it may be time for assisted living.


Stick to the facts

There are many myths surrounding assisted living that may be turning your loved one off from the idea. Sit down with them and dispel those myths. Do some research on different assisted living facilities to help your loved one learn what they could expect. The unknown can be scary, so going in with as much information as possible can help.


Go on a visit

Another way to help your loved one decide if assisted living is the best decision for them is to visit an assisted living community to see what the day to day looks like, and explore the activities and services available. By visiting a place, it may make it easier for them to actually picture themselves there, and feel a sense of relief knowing they’ll receive the help they need.



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