Talking with your parents about the weather is an easy task, right? So why can it be so hard to discuss their health? Taking the right steps to discuss your mom or dad’s health with them and their doctor can lead you to the road of becoming a partner in your senior parent’s health.


The first step is to establish trust. It can be hard for seniors, especially if they are your parents, to have the tables turned where they are being cared for by their children. They can be insecure and act like everything is all right to not worry you. If this sounds like your situation, have the tough conversation. Say how it’s okay to be vulnerable, and in the end, it will help them. Establish that trust so you can help them maintain their health.

Be Prepared

When going to talk to your loved one’s doctor, it’s important to show up prepared. The more information you have in advance, the quicker and easier the doctor will be able to assess and treat the problem. Aging care has a great list of questions that you can ask your loved one to get more information before a doctor’s visit.

  • What exactly are your symptoms?
  • When did they start?
  • Are the symptoms constant? If not, when do you experience them and how long do they last?
  • How often do they occur?
  • Does anything you do make the symptoms better? Or worse?
  • Do the symptoms affect your daily activities? Which ones? How?


Keep Records

Keep records for your loved one and take them with you from doctor to doctor. More often than not, doctors are not sharing information about the patient. Certain diseases and medications should be communicated effectively to every doctor you ask for treatment. This is especially important if you are going to many specialist doctors because they might not have access to these records otherwise.


Make Sure Paperwork Is In Order

From the big to the small, it’s important to make sure all legal documentation is filled out appropriately. You should make sure you can get records and are authorized to discuss your parents’ health with their doctor. You should also have in legal writing who can make medical decisions in case your loved one is unable to. Having this established now will save you a huge headache and stress in the future.


Talking to your parents’ doctor is sometimes a difficult task, especially when your loved one is closed off about what they want to share with you. Building trust, being prepared, and taking the necessary steps to make sure all paperwork is in order can make your experience a fulfilling one.


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