Asking the Right Questions

Below are some questions that can help you determine what type of care may be needed.

Is your loved one in need of day-to-day care, but determined to age in place at home? If so, home care programs like PACE CNY may be the best option, allowing an individual to remain at home while receiving a wide spectrum of care & services.

Are you a family care-giver in need of support? If you’re a caregiver for a parent or a family member, you’re far from alone. Caregiving is already a full-time job, and when you combine it with work and the normal day-to-day responsibilities it can be easy to get overwhelmed. At Loretto we offer caregiver respite and support through our Adult Medical Day Care service.

How independent is your loved one? Maybe your loved one is fairly independent but is beginning to feel overwhelmed with having an entire home to themselves. In this case, an independent living community may be best. This type of community allows an individual to maintain their independence while enjoying a social environment with active peers. Loretto has several housing options around central New York that are close to local neighborhoods.

Does your loved one need help with daily activities or management of medical needs? If daily activities like bathing or eating have become more of a struggle, assisted living or skilled nursing may be an option for your loved one. These types of services ensure that an individual receives the daily care and medical assistance they need, while participating in daily activities that encourage personal interests and socialization. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation programs are available for both long-term medical needs, as well as short-term medical needs, helping your loved one recover from surgery, illness or injury.

Has your loved one been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia? While often manageable in the beginning stages, as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia progress it can sometimes become difficult for an individual to remain at home. Specialized memory care is often the best solution to ensure safety, comfort and well-being. Loretto offers specialized dementia care across all its programs.

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