Meet Loretta

Living Like Loretta Starts With Loretto

Loretta knows what makes Loretto extraordinary. She knows that Loretto sees every resident and patient for who they are—as an individual. This calls for a person-first approach to senior living that’s about empowerment, respect for individuality, and support for maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


It starts with in-home care with PACE.

With Loretto, Loretta doesn’t just feel right at home. She is home. Living the lifestyle she wants, while receiving the care she needs from certified home health aides.

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Always in the right place, at the right time, receiving the right care.

Many seniors can become isolated and feel like they’re losing their independence. Not Loretta. She uses the PACE program’s transportation services to take her to Loretto’s Day Center. There, we can meet all her physical, mental and social health needs.


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She makes the most out of every moment.

Loretta isn’t quite ready for assisted living yet, but one of her best friends lives at The Bernardine—one of our largest and most affordable senior living communities. All Loretto our assisted living options give residents opportunities to build relationships with others, while giving them the right balance of support and independence.

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Loretta wants to stay in her home. We want that, too.

Thanks to the PACE program, Loretta can age gracefully on her terms, at her own place. When, and if, the time comes that Loretta needs skilled nursing, we’ll have a place waiting for her at Loretto.

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