With Mother’s Day right around the corner, yet another holiday will be spent showing our loved ones how special they are to us from a distance. Whether your mom lives 3,000 miles away or a mile down the road, we are all going to be celebrating from afar this year. It may be heartbreaking for some to not be able to spend this day with the most important woman in their life, but positivity and organizing something special for your mom can help. Even though many of us will not get to spend the day physically with our moms, we can still celebrate them in new, creative ways!

Create a heartfelt movie or slideshow.Taking the time to put together a short movie or slideshow of your favorite moments with your mom is a great way to show her how special she is to you. You could have each member of your family send in a short clip of themselves with a greeting and string them together, or you can keep it simple and just create a slideshow of photos. Whether you open it up to the whole family or leave it as something special between you and your mom is up to you. Either way, she will love it and it will make her feel special.
Organize a Mother’s Day parade.If you are lucky enough to have your mom live right around the corner from you, putting together a parade of loved ones is the perfect way to show her how amazing she is. Call your siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles and schedule a time on Mother’s Day to all meet and drive by her place. She will feel so appreciated!
Have a virtual dinner date. Many of us are used to celebrating Mother’s Day with brunch or a family dinner. We may not be gathering together this year like in years past, but you can still eat a meal with your mom virtually! Set up a time beforehand to Zoom chat, Skype, or FaceTime during dinner on Mother’s Day. You could even drop off the same meal you are having beforehand so that you are enjoying it together during the virtual date.
Watch a movie or show together. Now is the perfect time to binge your favorite show or watch a movie that both of you love “together”. You can set aside a time on Mother’s Day cuddle up.

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