It’s no surprise that walking into a well-designed, clean room can make a person feel happy or at ease, but did you know interior design can play an even more significant role in healthcare facilities?

A thoughtful and purposeful design can truly impact a person’s quality of care. Loretto’s Borer Memory Life Community was designed to specifically cater to the needs of the residents who have dementia. It is a beautiful building, but there is more to the design than meets the eye.

Many people living with dementia, for example, have the urge to wander. In most settings, the person wandering may become lost or confused, which can lead to agitation or safety issues. To combat this common issue, our community has a circular, neighborhood concept, so that residents are safe to wander without walls that may get in the way as they navigate their homes. There are also street signs, floor markings, and front porch areas unique to each resident to promote wayfinding and help create a sense of home.

The building includes a two-story interior garden, including an elevated ceiling and additional windows to increase natural light. This space is designed to have a calming effect on those residents who struggle with agitation, a common symptom of dementia.

A new addition, thanks to the generous donation of The Borer family, is a colorful fish tank, which promotes relaxation and a sense of movement for the residents.

The entirety of the community’s design was made possible thanks to generous donors who contributed to The Loretto Foundation’s RememberMe Capital Campaign.

The Loretto Foundation brings our community together to support wonderful projects like these that contribute to improving the lives of not only our residents at The Borer Community but all of Loretto’s residents and staff.

If you are looking to contribute to a great cause, we are excited to invite you to attend our Oktoberfest donor event and auction this October 19, 2023. Check out for more details on how you can support or attend the event!


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