Did you know that 55% of Americans feel stress during the day? Most people will find themselves in a stressful situation that impacts their day-to-day life at one point or another – but not everyone will know where to find the help they need.

Chronic stress that is not handled can impact your physical and mental health. This can affect job performance, attendance, and more – on top of an employee’s well-being.

This is why Loretto has two in-house employee coaches as a support system for all our employees. Our coaches help empower employees through guidance to help them make informed decisions about their career and personal life decisions that may affect their work life.

Michelle Cuttler, one of our employee coaches at Loretto, explains her role, “My role is to help employees with any challenges, struggles, or barriers that might get in the way of them being successful in their jobs here at Loretto.”

While there is no magic cure-all to a difficult situation, access to resources can help. For example, our employee coaches often provide referrals for:

  • Child care providers
  • Transportation services
  • Housing resources
  • Food banks
  • Legal and financial resources
  • Mental health resources
  • Domestic violence resources
  • and more


What is great about the role is that they not only provide resources but can also provide support by lending a listening ear to those who are struggling. And – it’s all confidential.

Eleanor Williams, an employee coach at Loretto, shared this, “I think that one of the best parts of having an employee coach is having someone you can talk to at any time. Working in healthcare can be stressful, and sometimes we don’t realize how that stress weighs on us.”

Access to an employee coach is a unique benefit to Loretto employees that most other companies don’t have. Through this program, our employees are supported by someone who not only takes the time to listen but can connect them to many of Loretto’s programs such as:


In a given year, our employee coaches interact with more than one-thousand Loretto employees to provide them with these resources and support and to make a personal connection.

Our coaches ensure that if a challenge arises they know who to turn to get the support they need. They help remove obstacles to help employees to continue to work – and be successful in their roles.

Interested in a career where you will feel supported? Learn more at https://lorettocny.org/careers



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