The COVID-19 pandemic made in-person doctor’s visits especially complicated for older adults. PACE-CNY in Syracuse saw the need  for its program participants to have access to safe yet convenient medical check-ups, and introduced Mobile Med.

This all-in-one interdisciplinary medical team of doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, as well as recreation therapists, goes to a PACE-CNY participant’s home and coordinates care in a single visit. This approach streamlines a traditionally complicated and often time-consuming visit to a doctor’s office, helps maximize care, and most importantly, keeps participants safe by keeping them in their homes.

During each visit, the Mobile Med team conducts a comprehensive and holistic assessment to ensure participants are receiving all the care they need. A Mobile Med visit can include a range of health evaluations traditionally done at a doctor’s office, as well as functional and environmental home assessments to make sure the participant’s living environment meet his or her needs.

Not only are these at-home medical services safe and convenient, many participants are also excited to have visitors. After months of limited social interactions, simple face-to-face conversations with a real person, even if only for a couple of minutes, truly brightened up the participant’s mood and helped ease the sense of loneliness.

Loretto believes Mobile Med is more than a temporary solution – it is the future of care. This interdisciplinary approach also provides truly unique opportunities for staff throughout the Loretto system to work together, including opportunities for front-line positions like CNAs to get new experiences. To expand this much-needed service, Loretto is actively looking to hire multiple positions across the organization. Visit for more information.

Loretto and PACE-CNY are constantly exploring new ways to expand services and grow our family – including residents, program participants, and staff. While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been a challenge, we are incredibly proud of the opportunities our team has developed to keep our residents and participants safe and happy.

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