During a time when things are continuously changing and it’s difficult to feel like you know what is secure, one industry continues to thrive: healthcare. If you are looking for a new career there is no better time than now!

Job Security

A career in healthcare provides job security. Organizations in many industries are re-evaluating budgets and needing to make adjustments to their workforce, but the healthcare industry still needs an increasing number of clinical staff – now more than ever.  Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Home Health Aides (and so many more positions) have been essential and continue to be in high demand.

Great Pay and Benefits

Because healthcare positions typically have an urgent need to be filled, many candidates find competitive offers with great pay and benefits. Sign-on bonuses are just one of the perks available in this industry.

Opportunities for Advancement and Development

There are endless opportunities for advancement in the healthcare industry. Whether it is applying for a management role or advancing your career by accelerating from an LPN to a RN, the opportunities are ever changing.  A career in healthcare can also lead you in various directions from large scale operations to smaller opportunities within a private practice, or vice-versa, depending on your preference. This means you also are able to live anywhere you want and work in whichever field you would like. Many facilities even offer in house paid training programs.

Meet New People and Make an Impact

The healthcare field allows you to meet many new people. Whether they are patients, residents, caregivers, or family members. Healthcare workers are always developing new relationships and making a lasting impact on others’ lives. Work in this field not only provides support, comfort, and healing but also lifelong friendships.

Every day is Something New

The healthcare field is always changing, making every day exciting and adventurous. Healthcare staff work together to find meaningful solutions to new opportunities and challenges. Patients and/or residents have various backgrounds, which allows you to adapt to best meet their needs. One thing is for sure, you will never have the same day twice. And the majority of healthcare workers love that about this industry!

Interested in learning more about what healthcare opportunities Loretto has available? Check out our current openings at our various facilities: https://www.lorettocny.org/careers.

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