At Loretto, nothing is more important than keeping everyone, our residents, our employees and our visitors, safe and protected. During the time of COVID-19, technologies like Accushield kiosks have helped us to successfully achieve that goal. And this new technology is not just something we are using in the short term. This will become a permanet part of the “new normal” as we continue to find the best ways to protect our residents and employees.

Nursing homes around the country have been turning to technology to help keep everyone safe. You may have already heard of Accushield or even used one. For those who haven’t, you may come across one of these devices at the entrance of many Loretto locations.

Accushield kiosks offers a peace of mind for everyone in our community – residents, employees and visitors. Every kiosk is designed to accurately record a person’s basic  information such as health screening, tempurature and other details that may be relevant to the visit. The touchscreen is simple and easy to use. Instructions for the check-in process are simple, clear and easy to follow.

Technologies like Accushield kiosks will be of tremendous help as we continue to nagivate the pandemic. In the months and likely years to come, Accushield kiosks will become a common part of visitations – not only screening the health of visitors and employees, but also adding an extra layer of tracking every person who’s coming in and going out of our locations, protecting employees, our residents and their family members.

Accushield kiosks have already been installed at these Loretto locations: Loretto Health & Rehabilitation in Syracuse; The Nottingham in Jamesville; Buckley Landing in North Syracuse; Sedgwick Heights in Syracuse; The Heritage in Syracuse; The Bernardine in Syracuse; The Commons on St. Anthony in Auburn; and PACE-CNY.

We are committed to keeping our communities safe. As we prepare for whatever comes next, and eventually a new normal, technologies like Accushield will play an instrumental role in the future of care. While visitations may look a bit different, the love and feeling of togetherness will remain the same.

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