After challenges from the pandemic caused a mass exodus of women from the workforce this past year, many women are starting to look for new and flexible options.

With more people being vaccinated every day, and schools resuming in-person teaching, now is the perfect time for women to explore their return to the workforce. And the options available in healthcare are a great place to start, with plenty of great jobs that allow you to have a balance between your home life and career.

Nursing is one of the best careers for moms because it offers variety, flexibility, and a sense of personal fulfillment. At Loretto, for example, there are more than 17 different types of clinical roles, as well as training opportunities to help advance your career, and programs that are meaningful to our largely female workforce.

One of these programs is our LPN Apprentice Program. This is the first federally-recognized training program that offers Loretto staff the opportunity to obtain a degree or license in nursing while working and earning wages to support their families. Some of our other programs allow our healthcare employees to earn industry certifications and become a Certified Nurse Aids or Certified Home Health Aides with support from Loretto.

Loretto also offers unique benefits catered to the specific needs of working parents such as a free diaper program to help alleviate some of the responsibilities shared among many mothers and families. We’ve also established a private employee childcare exchange group to help address childcare needs and shortages. And this past year, we provided necessities like emergency food bags and hot meals for our staff.

In addition to being part of an industry that cares about you, working in healthcare also means having flexible work schedules that can give you the perfect balance between work and family life. Here at Loretto, we work with our team and caregivers to find the positions and schedules that best suit each candidate.

Healthcare employees, like the staff at Loretto, earn benefits, gain tenure, and receive paid vacation, along with having the stability of a long-term career. These types of benefits are not available in other industries such as retail or fast food.

Technology has also become an important part of the healthcare system and it is making careers in healthcare even more rewarding. Loretto helps train our staff to become familiar with the tools needed to do the job more efficiently and effectively, and advance your career. For example, we are implementing a new system-wide electronic medical records (EMR) system and staff training that will streamline daily processes, enabling staff to focus more time on providing individual care instead of spending hours filing paperwork.

Whether you’re considering returning to the workplace or starting a new career, be sure to check out the openings at Loretto. We invest in continued education, on-the-job training, technology, and additional support for our staff because we believe that the most important thing is our people.

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