Were you ready to make a move to upsize your life by downsizing to a senior living community but COVID-19 made you pause? As things start to return to a “new normal” more seniors are ready to consider a move, but hesitate. Is it safe?

The simple answer is YES. It’s important to keep in mind that during these times, the highest quality senior living communities have adapted quickly and responsibly. Those that do it best are, more than ever, some of the safest and most fulfilling places for an older adult to live.

If you’re not certain that now is the right time, think about what winter was like for you. Did you feel more isolated as a result of activities being cancelled, favorite places temporarily closed, or simply being in public settings?

Even without the pandemic, add in the familiar challenges of dealing with icy roads and sidewalks, and driveways that need to be shoveled. Senior living communities, like The Nottingham, have spent the last year researching, developing and implementing what safe socialization looks like – with opportunities for indoor exercise and dining, lifelong learning, live entertainment, and more.

“So many of our residents at The Nottingham are vaccinated and have thrived during this pandemic. Thankfully for our stringent focus on their safety,” said Marcy Cole, Director of Marketing & Sales “Yes, it’s a change, but the benefits that come from moving into our independent living community that is designed for their needs – especially in these uncertain times – well outweigh the hesitations. Everything they need is onsite, it’s safe, and many residents tell me their only regret is that they didn’t make the move sooner.”

Here are six reasons this could be the right time for you to consider a move:

  1. Stress Free Maintenance Lifestyle. Say goodbye to cleaning the house, landscaping maintenance, home repairs and other tasks can become overwhelming as we age – and say hello to a worry-free lifestyle. No more walkways to shovel and no more pulling weeds. You get the joys of homeownership without any of the work. There are even services in place to assist with grocery shopping, if you can’t or don’t want to head out to the store. And the ability to have 24/7 on call maintenance support.
  2. An easy-to-manage space. Ample living space, roomy storage and a variety of floor plans to choose from to remain comfortable and even entertain friends and family, but less clutter, lower heating and cooling bills. A smaller place means less to deal with, less to fill up, less to manage.
  3. Instant friends and safe social activities. From on-site activities to day trips to local attractions, nights at the symphony or restaurant outings our community offers a full range of programming – with virtual options too! Independent living communities are also filled with people in the same stage of life as you, who are looking for an easy, worry-free lifestyle, which makes it easy to connect with new friends.
  4. Wellness and healthcare on site. Communities like The Nottingham offer fitness centers, exercise classes and walking paths for every level of activity. Health care services are fully integrated into the living community, with staff who take a whole-person approach to care, including easy access to flu and COVID vaccinations if needed.
  5. 5-Star Dining. Living at The Nottingham means opportunities to enjoy 5 Star dining options like our Bistro or restaurant style dining. Here food is more than just an item, it’s a core representation of what The Nottingham has to offer. Our menus are developed with a creative eye that keeps our resident’s food interests and nutritional values in mind at all times. From there our devoted chef’s put their skills to work to create luxury meals while incorporating quality products and presentative that you’ll love.
  6. Security and peace of mind. Community living means help is always just a call away (or the press of a button away). It also means you’re free to go on vacation without having to worry about someone checking in to make sure all is well at home. And, as your needs change, assisted living and skilled nursing services are available, which means you can continue to live safely, knowing you’ll be able to have all your future health needs met without ever leaving The Nottingham.

“Everyone, from the meticulous housekeeping staff and the maintenance crew to the caring nursing team and our professional chefs, are dedicated to providing you the quality of life you want and deserve at this time of your life,” Cole emphasized.

Ready to picture yourself in your new home and live your very best life? Contact Marcy today at (315) 459-7887 to experience luxury living at the Nottingham and discover how what’s next might be a lot more than you expected.

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