As employee and resident vaccination numbers continue to rise at Loretto, many folks are looking forward to safely celebrating Father’s Day with their loved ones this year. Luckily, there are safe ways to celebrate at every comfort level. Whether you plan to spend time with your father in person or celebrate from a distance, there are many ways to make them feel special.


If you are planning to visit your father at a care facility, here is a list of ideas to make your time memorable, depending on what your facility allows based on visitation guidelines:

  • Watch their favorite movie or sporting event – Whether it’s his favorite team’s game or a movie he has always loved, watching it together can be a relaxing way to spend quality time this Father’s Day.
  • Bring a photo album or scrapbook to go through together – Father’s Day is a great day to share memories and bond over them. You can bring out an old photo album to look through, or make a new scrapbook to make him feel even more special.
  • Do an activity together – If your loved one enjoys games, puzzles, or something similar, bring an activity that you can work on together. It is a fun way to make the time together special.
  • Spend time outdoors together – You can go on a walk together, fly a kite, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the sun.


If you are planning to spend the holiday with your father from a distance, here is a list of ways to connect through screens:

  • Virtual dinner – A great way to make the time spent apart special is by having food delivered to both of you and sharing that meal as you talk to your loved one.
  • Play a game together – Find a game that does not require any equipment and play it over the phone. Get creative!


If you are planning to give a gift this holiday, here is a list of unique gifts to make your father feel special:

  • Purchase a monthly subscription box for him – There are many unique subscriptions to cater to your loved one’s interests and needs. This is a great way to give a gift with a personal touch.
  • Bring his favorite food, or a special treat to share – If your loved one is a foodie, surprise them with something they love.
  • Pay for him to have a subscription to a streaming service – This is perfect for a person who loves to watch television and movies.
  • Give him a framed photo – Not only is this gift personal, but it also makes for great décor for a living space.


No matter what your plan is for this Father’s Day, Loretto hopes that we can help you to make it special!

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