When most people are getting ready for bed, overnight certified nursing assistants are getting ready for work. To many, this might sound strange, but for them, it’s just another night on the job. While many people have the perception that working overnight can have challenges, there are many great things about it that most people haven’t considered.

For those with children, working overnight gives you the chance to be there for all of your kids’ events, sports games, concerts, you name it. Yes, of course, you need sleep, but you can schedule around it.

Andrea, CNA at Loretto Health and Rehabilitation has been working overnight shifts are Loretto for 23 years. She has always enjoyed the flexibility of working overnight, “When you have small kids at home, that are going to school, you don’t miss out on anything at school. Any activity they have, you’re there, and you can help them with classwork when they come home from school, doctor appointments, you can be there.” She appreciates the family time that working overnight has allowed her to enjoy, “In the daytime, you can have family dinner and everything, and then you come to work while the kids sleep.”

Working overnight also allows you to have a unique and impactful role in the care of the resident. “I like what I do because I like my patients and I like to take care of people who are in need. I love the nightshift, because at night time, I can pace myself, how to take care of each resident. I feel my resident can get more care that way.”

Andrea had a particularly unique relationship with one patient she cared for. She was the only person whom he let put him to sleep because she was the only one who knew how to fix his pillows for him. Over time, Andrea became the friendly face that the resident would see each night before bed.

To avoid burnout while enjoying life and working an overnight shift, it is important to take care of yourself. Andrea maintains the balance in her life by making sure she keeps a routine. She stresses the importance of eating properly and having set times to sleep throughout the day. Working overnight may challenge you to find a creative new routine while also needing to be able to adapt, and it can be rewarding in ways that you might have never realized.

Whether you want to explore working overnight or you prefer to stick to day shifts, you can find your future at Loretto here: https://lorettocny.org/about-us/careers/

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