This year, National Assisted Living Week is celebrated from September 12, through September 18, 2021. “Compassion, Community, Caring” is this year’s theme. Here’s how to have an open and empathetic conversation a loved one about assisted living through these three main themes.

Compassion – It is vital to have compassion for your loved one. Moving into an assisted living facility can be a hard decision. Listen to their feelings and concerns while also calmly voicing yours. If you’re open and honest, it will be easier to show mom or dad the benefits of assisted living without them feeling pressured.

It is helpful to offer support and a non-judgmental listening ear during this transitional time.

Learn more about how to have a compassionate conversation with your loved one about assisted living here:

Community – When it comes to assisted living facilities, the community is such an important aspect. In the right assisted living community, residents will have more time and opportunity to engage with others. They will have fewer day-to-day tasks to worry about, so they can enjoy more free time with friends.

Throughout all of Loretto’s assisted living communities, we offer a wide variety of activities and programs.  These opportunities allow residents to engage with others and try new things while knowing they can always choose to be alone.

Explain the importance of community, and make sure they know you’re willing to help them find the one where they feel like they belong.

Here are five ways Loretto helps residents feel at home within their communities:

  1. Spacious common areas – Our assisted living facilities offer several indoor and outdoor communal areas for residents to spend time together.
  2. Activities & recreation department – There are many planned activities and events for residents to take part in if they choose to do so.
  3. Housekeeping – Residents have the option of housekeeping if they would like help with cleaning around their living space.
  4. Dining Services – There are plenty of food options available to residents if they don’t enjoy cooking.
  5. Scheduling assistance – Whether it’s a medical appointment, or a ride to the store, Loretto provides the option of assisting in a resident’s scheduling needs.


Caring – Show them you care by taking the time to choose an assisted living facility that is right for them. There are so many out there, so make sure you know what your loved one needs and wants before encouraging them to move into an assisted living community. Offer them advice and make sure you’re doing your research with their best interest in mind.

When exploring different facilities, take notice of the people. Make sure that the staff members are caring and kind. You’ll know you’re in the right place when people are happy to be there.

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