For many, reading is a leisurely activity that brings joy to their lives. What’s more, the good news for book lovers is that reading also has a positive impact on readers’ health and wellbeing. Reading can reduce stress and even strengthen your brain.


For seniors, reading can help curb some of the common signs of aging. Studies have even shown that reading can even increase your lifespan.


One of the most promising benefits of reading for seniors is the developing research that shows the reduced speed of cognitive decline with diseases such as dementia.

Another health benefit of reading for seniors and other book lovers is that reading before bed can help you fall asleep easier and have a better night’s rest. While this tip is helpful for anyone, seniors are particularly prone to sleep-related issues, so this may just do the trick!

A problem often associated with seniors is Geriatric Depression. While this is not a normal part of aging, it is common, and should be treated. One helpful tip for those facing depression is to pick up a book. Reading can help take your mind off of things or create inspiration in difficult times. Written words can help to curb the loneliness that many may feel as they age.

If you’re not already a book lover, don’t fret! There are many ways to get inspired to pick up a book:

  • Find a book club to join – This is not only a great way to boost your reading habits, but also a way to stay social.
  • Try audiobooks – If reading from a book isn’t your thing, you can try audiobooks. This way you can listen to the book while in the car, at home, or on a walk!
  • Make a reading list – Write down all those classics you’ve been meaning to read or take suggestions from a friend.
  • Find books that interest you – No matter if it’s gardening, history, romance, or all of the above, you can find a book that interests you.
  • Find a cozy place just for reading – Make sure that you have somewhere comfortable and quiet to enjoy your book.

No matter your age or needs, adding a small dose of reading to your daily routine could be just what you need! Find out more about how Loretto helps support healthy aging here:



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