Frequently Asked Questions For The Nottingham

How am I able to customize my retirement lifestyle?

We recommend new residents make a wish list outlining of the services that would be most important to them. There are no right or wrong answers. It is simply a list of services that they might enjoy should they decide to move into The Nottingham.

When the decision is made to move in, we use this wish list to determine what rental option best fits their needs. Residents in our Independent Living program choose from one of three rental plans: Traditional, Security and Security Plus.

Once you have chosen a plan we then check to see that all of your “wishes” are met. If there is something that does not fit into your plan of choice we add on the additional services until we have met all of the services on your wish list.

Remember, customization is the key. We want you to enjoy all of the amenities that make your stay more comfortable. We also want to avoid you paying for services you do not need.

At what point am I no longer able to stay in my apartment? Who makes the decision?

Residents and their families have a part in every decision made at The Nottingham. The decision to move from your apartment into our Enriched Living or Skilled Nursing communities or to another place of residence is personal and each situation is handled individually by our staff.

Residents and their families know that The Nottingham’s health care professionals always have the safety of residents in mind. We are diligent in recording any changes of health status and emergency response calls. We will create a file that helps us document these changes, as these changes are often subtle and happen over time. If we are concerned about a resident’s safety or need for supervision that cannot be accommodated by a home care agency – for instance, needing supervision on an unscheduled or on a 24 hour basis – we make a recommendation for another arrangement.

What happens if I need more help?

When you need additional assistance you have the option to work with The Nottingham’s Home Care Agency or to contact any outside agency to add or to increase personal care assistance.

If at any time you feel you may want or need additional services to safely maintain your independence we would welcome you to call and speak with our staff to discuss available programs and services. Sometimes residents have a short term need for more assistance, sometimes that need is more chronic and ongoing. We can help you understand the best options for you.

What happens if I run out of money?

Before a resident moves into The Nottingham we do everything we can to make sure that they are financially able to maintain this lifestyle. We approve people that we feel are able to live here comfortably. We work with new residents recommending different rental options that fit into their budget.

The Nottingham is owned by Loretto, a local not-for-profit with over 80 years of providing quality care for the seniors of Central New York. As an organization we are committed with providing each and every resident with options regardless of financial status.

In the rare event that someone can no longer support their lifestyle at The Nottingham, we will always work to find appropriate alternatives within the Loretto family of care.

Can I have guests? Is my family able to stay with me?

Our residents are welcome to have guests. You can choose to have your family stay in your own apartment or to rent one of our guest apartments. Please call our Resident Service Center to learn about availability. We have a nightly rate of $95 per night including lunch in our Garden Terrace Dining Room. The guest apartments accommodate between two and six guests.

What happens if I want a different apartment?

Residents are able to move internally and they get priority on available apartments so it is important to inform our staff that you would like to move to another apartment. When an internal move is made residents are responsible for bringing their original apartment back to being ready for future residents. There will be a cost to change apartments. Costs may include painting, carpeting or damage repair.

Who responds if I push my emergency response button?

Residents receive an emergency response pendant to wear on the wrist or around the neck. When triggered, these pendants are programmed to sound an internal response alarm to our staff housed in the Enriched Living community who will contact the resident who sounded the alarm by phone to confirm that there is a need for assistance. Once confirmed or when the call is not answered, we will send immediate assistance. The staff of The Nottingham are the first responders to this emergency response call. If they feel it is necessary they will proceed to call 911.

Am I able to have a pet in my apartment?

Residents can have a pet that weighs less than 30 pounds in their apartment. All pets must be properly vaccinated and be under the medical supervision of a veterinarian. The Nottingham requires that we have an emergency contact in addition to the resident who cares for the pet. Our resident agreement has a pet addendum to sign for this.

What is the application fee?

We do not collect a security deposit. We do require the first month's rent and a one-time application fee to assist with costs associated with the admission and assessment process as well as the costs of preparing our apartments for our new residents. This fee is not applied to the first month’s rent. This fee is not collected again if a resident moves from Independent Living to Enriched Living or to Skilled Nursing.

What are the average rate increases?

Our rate increases average between three and five percent. You can learn more about how to avoid an increase by asking about our  Gold Key options.

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