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9 Helpful Tips to Safely Age in Place

It might not surprise you to learn that many people would like to remain in their homes as they age. In fact, according to the Federal Housing Administration, close to 90% of all homeowners will want to stay in their homes as they enter their golden years. While many people want to continue to live…

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Appreciation: The Key to Retaining Healthcare Employees

What makes people choose to stay at the same job for 5 years or 15 or 30? Between high turnover rates and burnout among healthcare workers, it might leave you wondering – what is the secret to keeping employees happy in these challenging times?  At Loretto, one of our main goals is to show our…

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5 Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Many people enjoy gardening as a leisurely activity in the Spring and Summertime. It is a relaxing way to spend time in the sun and grow beautiful flowers and fresh produce to enjoy. But many people don’t realize that gardening has many benefits for older adults and their well-being. You can soak up the sun…

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Upsize Your Life By Downsizing to a Senior Living Community

As we age, we shouldn’t be weighed down by all of the maintenance and upkeep of a home. Instead, we should be getting the most out of those retirement years, and paying attention to the things that truly matter: family, friends, and doing the things we love for as long as possible. Marcy Cole, Director…

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5 Types Of Food Delivery Services For Older Adults

As people age, their nutritional needs change. And, their food preferences evolve as well. Many older adults note that they don’t have the vigorous appetite that they once had or they don’t enjoy the same foods as when they were younger. They may even face restricted diets due to health concerns. This can present a…

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